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Sublimation ink characteristics

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Sublimation ink is characterized by ink penetration into the surface of the object molecules connected, the image will not fall off, crack and fade, does not damage the surface of the transferred items, transfer image colorful, rich layers, durable. SGS products through environmental certification and light fastness test, in line with European and American national standard production.

Sino - US joint venture Xinxiang Ai Union Technology Transfer Material Co., Ltd. Located in Henan Xinxiang, is the only domestic industry with a Sino - US joint venture, in 2010 into 10 million yuan to expand the scale of production, ease the relationship between supply and demand. And included in the enterprise investment projects in Henan Province filing system. The company is committed to the introduction of technology, new product development, "high-tech products" ideas and scientific development concept as a guide, is the production of fine chemical products of high-tech enterprises. So that the enterprise's product technology and quality level of the best in the country, has now become the domestic production of sublimation of ink, thermal transfer Tandai, ink round of the leading enterprises, with a number of patents. Today, we catch up with the world's advanced level of responsibility, to promote the development of thermal transfer industry. I will be cutting-edge technology companies, excellent quality, intelligent and perfect service and every user sincere cooperation, join hands in creating a better tomorrow. Its main products are: thermal transfer sublimation ink, thermal transfer ribbon ink, thermal transfer hot melt ink series of thermal transfer ink.

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